Mortified mum regrets using her hairbrush after daughter’s gross confession


Children can be so entertaining, sweet and an all-around joy to have in your life.

They can also be fairly gross – just ask any parent – especially when it comes to making a mess.

Mum Shanai left people in stitches after she shared what happened with her hairbrush recently, in a viral video on TikTok which racked up hundreds of thousands of views.

Shanai, who also has a YouTube channel shared the (admittedly quite funny) story with her 83,000 followers, which left people in hysterics.

She began: “I got this brush, it came with a blowdry and I’m brushing my hair.

“I’m seeing white stuff fall out of the brush and [I’m] thinking ‘have I got dandruff in my hair?”

The mum-of-two holds up the brush to the camera, where you can see a sandwich nestled inside the item.

Lovely, just what you fancy inside your brush.

Shanai continues: “My daughter had a sandwich yesterday and stuck the crust of her bread up inside the hairbrush.

“And I’m there brushing my hair, brushing, brushing, brushing, bare white stuff is falling out of my hair.

“I’m thinking, why is their dandruff in my headpiece. There’s a crust of bread inside my hairbrush.”

Off-screen, her rather apologetic daughter adorably pipes up: “I’m sorry mum,” as Shanai breaks down laughing.

Many mums were quick to offer words of support and sympathy.

One commented: “Aaah the joys of motherhood. That little sorry at the end. Can’t even be vexed in peace.”

Another said: “Mine wiped herself on the toilet with my makeup brush lol.”

A third added: “I didn’t know this was a universal kid thing, my niece used to hide her crusts and stuff in the most random places.”

That said, it also caused a lot of amusement, with another mum adding: “Have kids they said it will be fun, is this what they meant. OMG kids are something else.”