Woman begs for help after fake tan blunder leaves hotel bed looking like ‘crime scene’


If there’s one beauty fact we all know to be true, it’s that fake tan might look great, but it can be incredibly messy to apply.

We’ve recently seen a number of ladies experience awkward fake tan fails, where they ended up turning green and looking like Princess Fiona from Shrek.

But one woman recently shared a fake tan blunder that had nothing to do with her appearance – she looked perfectly bronzed, but her sheets paid the price.

In a video on TikTok, a woman named Gemma, who posts under @gemmaramlal, asked for help after applying fake tan at a hotel she was staying at.

The dark brown product went all over the white bedding as she slept, leaving her room looking like a “crime scene”.

She shared a clip of the sheets and her face, looking horrified.

Text in the video said: “When you fake tan at a hotel and it looks like a crime scene… what do I do?”

More than 76,000 people have since watched the footage, with it garnering over 2,000 likes.

A number of people responded to the post, sharing suggestions on how best to handle the situation.

One person wrote: “Pay for the sheets ha.”

Another said: “Oh s**t.”

A third replied: “Once I was in a hotel in Greece and I dyed my hair red, and after that I washed my hair again and the whole towel was red.”

A few people claimed to work for hotels and told Gemma the staff wouldn’t mind.

“I work at Premier Inn and honestly I’ve seen a lot worse, don’t worry about it. Just let a staff member know it is fake tan and not blood,” added a different user.

Gemma later shared an update to her post, saying: “I confessed to housekeeping and they were lovely about it. Can have my bronzed days guilt-free now.”